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These are our latest three-phase inverters. With their current size from 4 to 8kW they perfectly match the requirements for large residential projects as well as smaller commercial applications. Their dual MPPT ensures the maximum energy harvest no matter how complicated the shape of your roof and even in shadier locations.

Output data

Rated AC power [W] 8000
Max. AC Power [VA] 8100
Rated AC grid voltage [V]* 3/N/PE220/380,230/400,240/415
Rated AC grid frequency [Hz]* 50
AC voltage range [V]* 160-280
AC frequency range [Hz] According to local codes
Rated AC current [A] 3x13.3
Power factor > 0.99 (0.85 inductive ... 0.85 capacitive)
Harmonic distortion (THD) at rated output < 3 %
Power consumption at night [W] < 0.6
Power consumption at standby [W] < 12

MPPT efficiency

MPPT adaptation efficiency > 99.50 %

Conversion efficiency

Max. efficiency > 98.00 %
European weighted efficiency 97.50 %

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